Accredited Training:


The course, which leads to the certificate in reliability and functional safety, is accredited by The International Academy for Quality Certification and approved by The Institution of Gas Engineers and Managers for CPD. It is provided by Dr David J Smith who has had over thirty years of experience in reliability and risk assessment and inhouse training courses. The certificate is aimed at those requiring an in-depth knowledge of the subject such that they may become lead practitioners within an organization or embark on consultancy in the field. It is envisaged that participants will already have a numerate professional qualification.

Study involves a combination of:

Award of the certificate is dependent upon 100% attendance, satisfactory assessment of all assignments, the submission of a project report (4,000 words) and a pass in both the Reliability and Functional Safety examination papers.

The syllabus includes:

Reliability parameters and their manipulation
Statistical data analysis, test plans and reliability growth
Reliability modelling & quantification
Reliability centred maintenance
IEC 61508 Functional Safety requirements
Hazard identification and SIL targeting
Assessment of safe failure fraction
Demonstration of ALARP
Life-cycle activities & Functional Safety Capability

A 2 day Diploma course is available for those holding the certificate.


A short course (based on David's book) to provide members of the medical and other professions with a basic undertanding of statistics and probability. It does not seek to confuse the reader with in-depth mathematical proofs but provides some basic methods for interpreting data and making comparisons, predictions and inferences. The syllabus includes probability and its rules, dealing with variables, coefficient of variation, medians, percentiles and geometric mean, assessing variables & establishing trends, dealing with attributes using Poisson curves, testing for significance, correlation/regression and risk.

The full prospectus for each course is available from Technis, please contact us.